Double Nickel Ranch
Southern Colorado's Finest Lamb
Nestled in the foothills of the San Isabel mountains, our sheep graze on the rocky hillsides of Huerfano County.  We typically lamb between September and May and have lambs available between December and July.  Our flock is primarily Dorper and Dorper cross ewes running with purebred Dorper rams.

We find that Dorpers consistantly produce heavy lambs with superior flavored meat.  Most lambs attain weights of 80 to 100 pounds at 5 months of age.

At this time, our lambs are sold on the hoof. We also sell our ewe and ram lambs for those wishing to start a flock of their own.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at (719) 738-2023 or email us at  We are located just outside of Walsenburg, CO on the Gardner Highway.

Also available at the Double Nickel Ranch are Anatolian/Akbosh Guardian Dogs.  Our dogs run with our flock 24/7 and we are proud to say we have never lost a lamb to predators.  We also raise Cairn Terriers as companion/varmint dogs.

Double Nickel Ranch
Contact Information
Phone :
(719) 738-2023
Address :
6793 Hwy 69