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Weanlings (2023)

The Goodbye Lane x Jets Working Girl (Dash Ta Fame)

Slick By Design x Kid Fame (Dash Ta Fame)

Slick By Design x LL Heartbreaker (Dash Ta Fame)

Traffic Guy x American Emblem (Special Leader)

Brace For Bernal x Siete Jewels ( CrownRoyal Frenchman)

Some Beaches x Wilywood Lark (Wil Chaps)


Yearlings (2022)

Blazin Jetolena x VF A Little Bit Red (Designer Red)
Blazin Jetolena x Guys Streakin Sabino (Frenchmans Guy)
Dashin Dynamo x Sparks On Rocks (FirewaterOnTheRocks)

Slick By Design x LL Heartbreaker (Dash Ta Fame)
Sun Frosted Rocket x Rivons Blazin Jetty (Blazin Jetolena)
Separatists Rocks On x Uptown Fling (A Streak Of Fling)
Separatists Rocks On x HGF FlingingFrosted (A Streak Of Fling)
Separatists Rocks On x BiankusFrenchShasta ( Captain Biankus)
Separatists Rocks On x PrincessCat Moria RG (High Brow Cat)
Separatists Rocks On x FrenchmansSignature (PC Frenchmans Hayday)
Separatists Rocks On x Peaches Takin Cash (FrenchmansAceOfSpades)
Separatists Rocks On x ShezaBoldHeart (Heza Bold Man)
Separatists Rocks On x Take Me To The Disco (French Disco Bug)
Winners Version x Kid Fame (Dash Ta Fame)


2 yr olds (2021) 

Designer Diamonds- by Slick By Design X LK Black Diamond

Tres Nice Things- by Tres Seis X Famous Bella

In Honor Of- by Shawne Bug Leo X Remember My Fame

On Like Donkey Kong- byDashin Dynamo X Peaches Takin Cash

Exterminator- by Fire On Bug X Come On Streaker

Real Steeel- by Dashin Dynamo X Frenchmans Signature

Red Red Wyne- by Moscato Fame X Sheza Bold Heart

Happy Endings- by FirewaterOnTheRocks X Skyline Caine

Frost Youselves- by Sun Frosted Rocket X Wilywood Lark


3 Yr Olds (2020)

Set Fire To The Rain- by Shawne Bug Leo X Famous Bella

Slickity Split- by Slick By Design X Short Lane Ta Fame

Fancee Firewater- by FirewaterOnTheRocks X ShezaBoldHeart

Sign For Dinero- by Tres Fortunes X FrenchmansSignature

Fortunate Filly- by Tres Fortunes X BiankusFrenchShasta



4 Year Olds (2019)

Devil N Disguys- Eddie Stinson X French Flitter

Dumb Blonde- Dashin Dynamo X Wilywood Lark

CaptainOfTheStorm- Captain Perks X Stormie Dot Com

Kissin N Traffic- Traffic Guy X VF BurrsFirstKiss

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